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Mind Games
Mind Games
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Mind Games

Four international gamers were welcomed on set over two days shooting both still and video for the promotion of 'Mind Games - The Experiment'. Campaign assets created were four hero key visuals with four individual videos and a compilation edit of all characters. Their concentration expertly captured by Sam and Matt. The campaign seeks to demonstrate ASICS’ ‘Sound Mind, Sound Body’ purpose in action and motivate more people to move by showing the power of exercise to sharpen even the brightest minds. Over the course of the four months, many of the participants’ gaming rankings improved by 75% and cognitive function was boosted on average by 10%. Group confidence levels increased by 44%, concentration improved by 33% and anxiety levels plummeted by 43%. The results of the ground-breaking experiment are captured in the ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’ documentary streaming globally on Prime Video.


Executive Producer: Ben Nash

Director & Photographer: Sam McElwee

VO Artist: Stephen Fry

Producer: Sarah Williams

DOP: Matthew J Smith

Stylist: Mim Quin-Harkin

Creative Agency: Neil A Dawson

Documentary Production Company: Beyond Productions

Visit our IG post for full credits.

“Asics’ founding philosophy completely sets it apart from all other sports brands. Our challenge was to come up with an idea that did their story justice. A unique idea the viewer had not seen before that would bring this brand story to life in a truthful and unexpected way. I believe ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’ is such an idea.”

-Creative Director, Neil Dawson

“We wanted to test that theory on the people that rely on their brainpower the most, namely competitive mind gamers. Through ‘Mind Games – The Experiment’, we want to inspire more people to move. Because if exercise can sharpen even the brightest minds, imagine what it can do for the rest of us.”

-Exec VP at Asics EMEA, Gary Raucher

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